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The Power of Posture
How you stand can be as important as what you say. Here are the ten categories of behavior you should monitor to improve your "presence" and effectiveness.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
The Quiet Leader -- and How to Be One
Think of a business leader and who comes to mind? A brash type like Jack Welch? But real leaders solve tough problems in all kinds of ways, and often quietly, says Harvard Business School's Joseph L. Badaracco, Jr.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
The Right Stuff
Experience and the wisdom it brings are critical to the development of good leaders. But these qualities can be hard to come by. Here are things that organizations can do to capture and distill the essence of experience and accelerate the evolution of next-generation leaders.
Publication: Accenture Outlook Online
To the Rescue
Beating the heroic leadership trap.
Publication: Stanford Social Innovation Review
Top Leadership: Taking the Inner Journey
Recent history tells us that leaders can be developed but even before development begins, leaders must become self- aware and take the road to inner growth. In this article the author argues that the effective leaders of tomorrow are individuals who have a better understanding of themselves and their own identity. These leaders recognize that their own unique capabilities and passions are an essential part of responding to the call of leadership. People need to feel special and the leader who recognizes and meets that need will create the means for their organization to succeed.
Publication: Ivey Business Journal
Tough at the top
The jobs of big-company bosses have become more difficult and less glamorous, and their image has taken a terrible pasting. Frances Cairncross offers a survival guide.
Publication: The Economist
Understated Leadership
In every organization, there are a few people who act outside the mainstream and modestly, yet persistently, change the culture.
Publication: Stanford Business
What does it take to be a Great Leader?
Being a great leader has nothing to do with education, ego or temperament, it's what they do that makes them great…
Publication: Coporate Trends
What Leadership Crisis?
It's a popular cry that there aren't enough first-rate CEOs to go around. Is this really the case, or are we being brainwashed by agents of the crisis industry.
Publication: Across the Board
What Makes a Good Leader?
Leadership comes in many shapes and sizes, and often from entirely unexpected quarters. In this excerpt from the HBS Bulletin, five HBS professors weigh in with their views on leadership in action.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
What's Next & So What? Leading in the 21st Century
Efficient, restructured, and reengineered organizations may have been good enough to succeed in the 20th century, say John Kotter and Gary Hamel, but organizations that want to compete in the next century need to develop the leadership and innovation to change the marketplace.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
When Leadership Means Saying 'I Am Part of the Problem Here'
Before they fix it, leaders need to ask themselves how they broke it in the first place. In this excerpt from their new book, Leadership on the Line, Ronald A. Heifetz and Marty Linsky from Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government offer their help.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?
In these times of "empowered" followers, write Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones in the Harvard Business Review, executives who look beyond the most obvious qualities of leadership will find surprising characteristics that truly inspirational leaders share.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
Women Leaders and Organizational Change
Merely expanding the number of women in leadership roles does not automatically induce organizational change. Harvard professor Robin Ely and Debra Meyerson call for fundamental changes to transform organizations.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
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