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A Better Way to Handle Layoffs
"To ensure objectivity and avoid wrongful termination suits, employers must have a valid reason and document it before approaching employees ..."
Publication: Bloomberg Business
A Death in the Family
How to cope with the tragic loss of an employee.
Publication: HR Magazine
Accounting for People
Measuring and managing human capital opens doors for HR.
Publication: HR Magazine
Are You Ignoring Older Workers?
Listening for signs of trouble from older workers today may help save your company tomorrow.
Publication: HR Magazine
Are You Supporting Your B Players?
B players are the heart and soul of top organizations, says HBS professor Thomas J. DeLong. Here's why -- and what you can do to manage B players better.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
Breaking Through "Us Vs. Them"
You and your employees are a team--so make sure you're acting like one.
Publication: Entrepreneur.com
Count on Business Value
Head count reduction is only a small part of calculating ROI for HR systems.
Publication: HR Magazine
Discipline Without Punishment
The traditional discipline system-oral warning, written warning, suspension, termination-encourages an adversarial relationship between managers and employees. Here, a kinder, gentler, more effective way to get your point across.
Publication: Across the Board
Doomed to Failure
If there's been unusually high turnover in your company's ranks, take a look at each employee's first week on the job. Too many managers let snap judgments made during that time affect a new employee's whole tenure with the company.
Publication: Across the Board
Employee, Sculpt Thyself … with a Little Help
Classes alone won’t help employees develop.
Publication: HR Magazine
Employment Bias: Should You Settle, or Risk a Jury Trial?
'Hammer' clauses in insurance policies provide a powerful incentive to come to the table.
Publication: CFO.com
Facing the Future
Business demands and outsourcing are driving major changes in HR careers. Here's how your job may change -- and how to prepare.
Publication: HR Magazine
Fewer Humans, More Resources
As Web-based HR matures, its focus is shifting from better service to bigger savings.
Publication: CFO.com
Finding Another Way
HR's role in workplace giving is becoming bigger and more complex.
Publication: HR Magazine
Flexible Schedules Benefit All
Alternate work schedules put work and life in harmony.
Publication: Industry Week
Focusing on ADD in the Workplace
Attention Deficit Disorder does not end in childhood; it could show up in your workplace.
Publication: HR Magazine
Forging a Partnership
HR is the key to a successful CEO transition.
Publication: HR Magazine
Fostering High-Quality Connections
How to deal with corrosive relationships at work.
Publication: Stanford Social Innovation Review
From HR to the Top
HR's stock -- and opportunities to advance into the top ranks of management -- are on the rise.
Publication: HR Magazine
From Workforce to Armed Forces -- And Back
Citizen soldiers describe their National Guard and Reserve deployments and how their employers eased their return to work.
Publication: HR Magazine
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