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A Female Executive Is Hard to Find
At the top echelons in most companies, itís still a manís world.
Publication: HR Magazine
Developing Diversity: Lessons from Top Teams
"Who is better equipped to set the corporate agenda: a small and homogeneous top management team of like-minded individuals, or a larger, more heterogeneous team of individuals from a wider variety of backgrounds and perspectives? ..."
Publication: Strategy+Business
English-only Policies Can Translate into Problems for Employers
The policies are legal when companies can make a case for English as a business necessity. That's a tricky definition. Just ask a casino that required its housekeeping staff to speak only English, and wound up paying a $.5 million legal settlement.
Publication: Workforce Management
High-Tech Tools Lower Barriers for Disabled
Assistive technology can open the workplace to the untapped disabled community.
Publication: HR Magazine
Limits To Diversity?
Few today would argue that diversity is not a good thing, but are we making claims for it that it cannot support?
Publication: Across the Board
Mission: Possible -- Women and Minorities Influence Corporate America
Your mission is to gain new customers, produce more revenue and beat the competition. How will you accomplish this? Companies more and more are turning to the under served markets of women and minorities,because they hold the wealth. Don't miss this opportunity to complete your mission!
Publication: Business Leader Magazine
Reaching for Diversity
Minority employees' goals for diversity programs have a familiar ring.
Publication: HR Magazine
Seven Tips for Communicating in Today's Diverse Workplace
Your employees may come from nations all around the world. The challenge: Ensure that their contributions aren't buried under language and cultural differences. Here are seven tips for improving communication.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
Smoothing the Way
Remove the obstacles facing upwardly mobile women.
Publication: HR Magazine

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