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An E-Business Blueprint
How you measure and manage the risks of an e-business will or will not give you that competitive edge. Here's a model for success.
Publication: Ivey Business Journal
Are You a Platform Leader?
Intel, Microsoft, and Cisco have all used their products as "platforms" for other companies to build upon. A new book from Harvard Business School Press outlines keys to achieve platform leadership. PLUS: Q&A with Annabelle Gawer.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
Are Your Employee Drug Tests Accurate?
Workers can beat your drug tests with a slew of widely available products.
Publication: HR Magazine
Attention CEOs: Your Agenda for the Future
A powerful partnership between business and government is critical in this post-September 11, post-Enron world, writes Jeffrey E. Garten. Garten, who is Dean of the Yale School of Management, lays out his ideas in this excerpt from his new book, The Politics of Fortune. Plus: Q&A.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
Becoming Lean, Adaptive, and Ethical: How to Move Beyond Budgeting
Senior executives must embrace new methods to meet customer needs profitably and efficiently, adapt to shifting operating environments, and act ethically so that investors trust their results.
Publication: Business Performance Management
Business Partners
At many organizations, HR and finance are finding common ground.
Publication: HR Magazine
Confessions of a Turnaround Executive
When a company is tanking, the board often looks to hired guns to save the situation. One of those guns describes what it's like on the line when she lays it on the line.
Publication: Across the Board
Detail Your Auto Policy
Don't spin your wheels over an effective business vehicle policy.
Publication: HR Magazine
Fast Organizational Growth: Ten Insights From Successful Managers
What does it take to overcome the problems faced in fast growth? Hear the insights of senior managers who have doubled and tripled the size of their companies while maintaining the ability to keep employees focused on the keys to success.
Publication: Babson Insight
First Measure, Then Manage: Improving Execution in Retail Operations
Problems with operational execution plague even the largest, most successful retailers, resulting in inaccurate inventory records and misplaced products. A new study examines the causes of poor execution and suggests plans for improvement.
Publication: Capital Ideas
Friend? Foe? Both?
Corporate alliances have made a number of companies much more profitable-and made business a lot more complicated.
Publication: Across the Board
How to Succeed With Your New Boss
We all know it's true: Managing up is as important as managing down. That's especially true when you are starting a relationship with a new boss. HBS professor Michael Watkins discusses the importance of clearly defining goals with your superior.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
In Sync: Aligning Costs with Customer Value Creation
Is your firm applying its efforts to the things that matter most to your customers? Are you wasting resources and failing to meet customer needs while missing market share? Many companies fail to apply resources to best meet customer needs. Prof. C.J. McNair and Lidija Polutnik show the real metrics that matter here and give you a perspective on how to improve your competitive position without spending more, but instead by applying your efforts to the things that really matter.
Publication: Babson Insight
Keeping Track: Performance Measurement, Control & Strategy
In today's fast-moving economy, how do managers balance profit and growth against control? What's the trade-off between short-term results and long-term capabilities? How can you calculate the effectiveness of your business strategies? These questions have prompted years of research by HBS Professor Robert Simons. In this interview, he discusses those issues and others addressed in his new book, Performance Measurement & Control Systems for Implementing Strategy.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
Keeping Your Network Safe
Be aware of all HR data security challenges.
Publication: HR Magazine
Making Connections
As companies increasingly realize that business processes do not end at their walls, and extend far into other partner enterprises and markets we are forced to view our business models primarily as a series of connections. Understanding the connections that make up your business will be a key to creating value and building competitive advantage. This article looks at the steps required to help you uncover and understand the key connections that drive your business.
Publication: Babson Insight
Miss Manners vs. Business Casual
Has the American workplace become too informal? Judith Martin, aka Miss Manners, takes business casual to task, starting with Jack Welch. A Harvard Business Review excerpt.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
Offices vs. Open Space
Experts disagree on whether private offices or completely open spaces work best.
Publication: HR Magazine
Under the imperative "grow or die," many businesses expand heedlessly into new territory with products only tangentially connected to the company's original offering. Why do some attempts succeed and others fail so spectacularly?
Publication: Across the Board
Progressively Predicting New Product Performance
"Sure things" flop. Small-time films soar. Despite the best efforts and big budgets of the studios, marketing remains an inexact science, and movie moguls can't always predict how their products will fare at the box office. New research by a University of Chicago Graduate School of Business professor can help clarify their marketing departments' cloudy crystal balls.
Publication: Capital Ideas
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