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Games Interviewers Play
Using games and puzzles to tease out the right candidate.
Publication: HR Magazine
Handling Employee Complaints
Do you know the difference between a valid grievance and just plain whining? Either way, you need to know how to handle it.
Publication: Entrepreneur.com
Helping Employees Cope with Grief
HR can help employees recover from grief after a loved one dies suddenly.
Publication: HR Magazine
Hitting the (Political) Wall
Is there anything you can do when the office becomes a cold and lonely place? Yes, indeed, say these executives-and they wish they had.
Publication: Across the Board
Holding Back Bankruptcy
The first hint of a possible bankruptcy filing ushers HR to center stage in efforts to save jobs, paychecks, benefits -- virtually the whole company.
Publication: HR Magazine
How to Handle a Poor-Performing Manager
Is your star employee falling short of expectations? It's time to step in and dissect the problem before your company falls apart at the seams.
Publication: Entrepreneur.com
HR Case Study: Should You Tell Them They'll Be Laid Off?
A CEO tells why HR should "work hand-in-hand" with finance in a merger.
Publication: CFO.com
It's the People, Stupid
New data supports old contention: Human-capital improvements can boost financial performance.
Publication: CFO.com
John Mack: "Demand to be Managed"
The financial services industry is discovering that management is almost as important as money in attracting and motivating employees, says CSFB head John J. Mack. And that's something new.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
Making Disease Management Work
You've decided to offer a disease management program. Now what?
Publication: HR Magazine
Making Human Resources a Science
Dave Kieffer of Mercer Human Resource Consulting, says the firm's research provides a revolutionary way of managing workforces.
Publication: BusinessWeek
Managing Employee Conflict for Greater Productivity
If you have employees who don't get along--and if you don't know, you certainly will--these tips will help you resolve the situation to the benefit of both parties.
Publication: Entrepreneur.com
Managing Employee Performance
With good management skills, you can evaluate the performance of your employees and even inspire them to do better.
Publication: Entrepreneur.com
Mission Critical
The challenge of improving job performance becomes even greater in tough economic times. The solution: an approach to performance improvement that focuses on those workforces vital to business success and financial results.
Publication: Accenture Outlook Online
Non-Competes: The Dark Side of Tight Labor
Employers may face liability for non-compete agreements if they place overly broad restrictions on an employee's ability to earn a living.
Publication: CFO.com
Off Duty, Out of Work
An employee engages in legal but controversial off-duty behavior. Should you fire him?
Publication: HR Magazine
One with Everything
The enlightened approach to HR administration? Get it out of house -- but keep it under one roof.
Publication: CFO.com
Online Recognition
Web-based incentives programs ease HR's administrative burden.
Publication: HR Magazine
Packaging Your Policies
When it comes to employee handbooks, keep it short and simple.
Publication: HR Magazine
Personality Counts
Too many square pegs in round holes? Personality testing helps match people with the best jobs.
Publication: HR Magazine
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