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Pension Plans
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Age Discrimination Snags Lurking in Pension Rules
New federal pension rules are drawing fire from both sides of the cash-balance plan debate. Plus: Freddie Mac bill introduced; natural-gas shortage on watchlist.
Publication: CFO.com
Cashless Contributions
Are noncash assets really a smart way to fund pension liabilities?
Publication: CFO.com
Company Stock in 401(k) Plans: Say 'When'
Plan sponsors and participants evaluate how much is too much.
Publication: HR Magazine
Growing Pains
As 401(k) plans head toward dominance of the pension system, concerns are rising -- as will HR's role in resolving them.
Publication: HR Magazine
Helping Employees Work Their 401(k)s
The employer obligation to educate employees on 401(k) investing need not be complex -- or risky.
Publication: HR Magazine
How to Tell if Your Company’s Pension Plan Is Sinking
Want to avoid being the next scandal to hit the headlines? Make sure you can meet your pension liabilities. Last year companies found themselves $216 billion short.
Publication: Corporate Board Member Magazine
Is the Time Right for REITs?
Companies should consider adding real estate investment trusts to their 401(k) menu to help participants diversify.
Publication: HR Magazine
Is Your 401(k) Squeezed by Costs?
Delving into the plan's expenses could be an enlightening exercise.
Publication: HR Magazine
Rethinking Cash Balance Plans
To freeze or not to freeze? That is the question -- and for many employers that have a cash balance pension plan or that are considering a conversion, it's apparently one of the hardest to answer.
Publication: CFO.com
Retirement Rage
Why do employees file lawsuits over their 401(k) plans? Extended blackout periods, perceived conflicts of interest -- or maybe they're just mad at the markets. Here's how to keep your company in the clear.
Publication: CFO.com
The Dealings of Madame X
Conflicts of interest, bitter ex-employees, fuzzy lines of authority -- how many ways can a CFO leave her company 401(k) open to a lawsuit?
Publication: CFO.com
The Fewer the Better
Too many 401(k) fund choices can stifle participants' decision-making.
Publication: HR Magazine
Ways and Means of Relieving Underfunded Pensions
Committee's recommendation to full House of Representatives may ''free up cash for other corporate uses.''
Publication: CFO.com
What if Your Company’s 401(k)Plan Lays an Egg?
A court will decide whether directors are responsible for overseeing the employee retirement plan—and liable, perhaps for billions, if the company’s stock tanks.
Publication: Corporate Board Member Magazine

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