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Crisis Management
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'Kitchen Confidential' Chef's Taste for Chaos
A restaurant kitchen usually operates in crisis mode, says chef Anthony Bourdain, author of a top-selling tell-all, Kitchen Confidential. In this edited interview from Harvard Business Review, Bourdain explains why -- and what managers can take away from the kitchen.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
Coping with Workplace Grief
Finance managers are struggling to balance employee grief with the need to be productive. It's ''back to business,'' but it's certainly not ''business as usual.''
Publication: CFO.com
Leadership on 9/11: Morgan Stanley's Challenge
Crisis management begins long before a tragedy hits, says Morgan Stanley president Robert Scott. He should know. He was at ground zero on September 11. Scott tells a Harvard Business School audience about leadership under fire.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
Nearby Massacre Sparked Prevention Programs
Wakefield, Mass. killings triggered CFO, HR manager to act to prevent incidents at their own companies.
Publication: CFO.com
The Key to Diverting Disaster: Preparation
A firm's failure to communicate effectively after an emergency strikes can be more destructive than the emergency itself, says Richard Bierck in an article for Harvard Management Communication Letter. Here are six tips for creating an effective crisis communications plan.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
Your Crisis Response Plan: The Ten Effective Elements
Shooter on site. Epidemic. Major power outage. Is your organization prepared to deal with crisis? HBS professor Michael Watkins explains what you need to know, and offers a checklist to evaluate your preparedness.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge

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