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Accounting Abroad-How to Keep Managers and Auditors In Line: Reforming Financial Reporting in Developing Nations
How do you improve the quality of financial reporting in countries switching from a planned to a market economy? Conventional wisdom suggests these countries should simply adopt high-quality accounting standards and high-quality reporting and disclosure will follow. The European Parliament recently took this approach, but it has not worked in other countries. The top priority for reform should be restoring the rights of affected shareholders and lenders to sue managers and auditors for false or misleading reporting.
Publication: Capital Ideas
Culture Shock in America?
American companies expect to provide support for the U.S. citizens they send overseas, but they're less clear on what to do for the citizens of the world that they bring to the land of baseball and apple pie.
Publication: Across the Board
Discovering the Hidden Value in Global Account Management
Global account management (GAM) has been used by many international firms over the last 20 years to better coordinate sales and service. A set of key success factors has become widely recognized for this process, but a recent survey uncovered some new factors to consider when managing your global accounts. This article reviews how GAM works at companies like Marriot, IBM, De LaRue and Citibank.
Publication: Babson Insight
Doing Business South of the Border, Down Mexico Way
Building relationships and curbing Yanqui impatience are keys to success. And yes, kidnappings and vehicle armor are the stuff of dinner-party conversation.
Publication: Corporate Board Member Magazine
Economic & Business Focus: Rethinking International Assignments
Lower budgets and higher risks generate new policies and methods to reduce travel abroad.
Publication: Business Finance Magazine
Global Risk Management on High Alert
Heightened risks in every corner of the business landscape are being met by methods that protect primary pain points.
Publication: Business Finance Magazine
Global Trade, Zero Angst
International trade without the stress.
Publication: Inc.
Great Global Managers
Some of the best managers in the world aren't coming from the global superpowers. They're coming from countries that haven't gotten much attention-and there's a reason for that.
Publication: Across the Board
How Money Migrates
Technology has brought major improvements to the cross-border payment process. But the old problems, including payments never showing up or showing up very late, continue to hamper global commerce.
Publication: Business Finance Magazine
Innovators without Borders
For companies that want to build a global growth engine, offshoring innovation is both a challenge and a necessity.
Publication: Strategy+Business
International: Opening Up an Overseas Operation
A CEO briefly explains how he hires local nationals as managers in international markets, and how he uses them.
Publication: Inc.
Making the Most of Government Upheaval
Why do some firms in emerging economies quickly rise above the rest? What are their competitive secrets? New research by HBS professor Rogelio Oliva and his colleague Fernando F. Suarez suggests a few answers.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
No Returns
Companies are converting expatriates to local hires to save money.
Publication: HR Magazine
Parlez-vous governance? Sprechen Sie lawsuit?
With the increasing complexities of international commerce, you may be subject to foreign regulation without even knowing it. One-stop-shopping global law firms are the answer for many companies and board members.
Publication: Corporate Board Member Magazine
Perfect Treasury For an Imperfect World
Aspirations run into limitations, but multinational treasuries push forward in the race toward world-class status.
Publication: Business Finance Magazine
Should You be a Global Manager?
Why work abroad? In first-person essays, Michael Marks of Flextronics, and Daniel Meiland of Egon Zehnder International discuss the growth of worldly managers.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
The Well-Designed Global R&D Network
"Consider the two faces of the global innovation movement. Company A, having grown through acquisition, produces multiple brands for multiple markets and operates a worldwide network of research and product development centers. Each of its R&D sites was initially responsible for its own brands and local market, but with globalization these distinctions have lost their importance. ..."
Publication: Strategy+Business
Tips for Avoiding Misunderstandings When Negotiating Cross-Border Deals
Negotiation is a delicate business, made even more delicate by different cultural understandings. How can you avoid the subtle pitfalls and make deals go smoothly? This article from Harvard Management Communication Letter has suggestions.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
When in Rome or Zimbabwe
Many companies are investing in or selling to overseas markets without adequate due diligence. Using commercial sources for risk analysis, maintaining regular contact with local people and developing a cross-functional risk management strategy can lead to a safe journey.
Publication: Business Finance Magazine

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