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Disruption: The Art of Framing
Your chief competitor creates a breakthrough technology. Should you frame that event inside your company as a threat or opportunity? The answer in this Harvard Business Review excerpt by HBS professors Clark Gilbert and Joseph L. Bower just may surprise you.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
Figuring Out What's Core
Most would agree that the best corporate strategy these days is focusing on your core. Problem is, just what is essential in your company may be a matter of opinion. Here's how to separate the essential from the expendable.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
How to Compete Like a Judo Strategist
Movement, balance, and leverage: Savvy executives use these principles to compete every day. In this excerpt from their new book Judo Strategy: Turning Your Competitors' Strength to Your Advantage, HBS professor David B. Yoffie and research associate Mary Kwak reveal five techniques of the masters.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
Introduction to Strategic Planning
What is strategic planning? How do you go about it? What should go into a strategic plan? Check out this easy to follow primer to find out.
Publication: U.S. Small Business Administration (Resources)
Love Your "Dogs"
Behavioral economics can reveal the hidden value in the poor performers of a business unit portfolio.
Publication: Strategy+Business
Pay Attention to Revenue Growth. But How?
"Growth is back on the agenda. Itís the increasingly prominent topic of discussion at board meetings, executive sessions, and corporate retreats. Executives recognize that, with cost savings intrinsically limited, long-term financial performance hinges on improving the top line. ..."
Publication: Strategy+Business
Road Maps Through Uncertainty
New models for planning strategic investments can improve your odds of success in today's changeable climate.
Publication: Optimize
Strategic Planning
After a decade of gritty downsizing, Big Thinkers are back in corporate vogue.
Publication: BusinessWeek
Strategies for Tough Times
Are you a master of uncertainty? Every strategist needs to be, says McKinsey & Co.'s Hugh Courtney, author of the new book 20/20 Foresight: Crafting Strategy in an Uncertain World. Here's an excerpt.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
Strategy for the Recession
What would your company do if demand suddenly fell off the table? If a global recession hit? In this article from the Harvard Management Update, Chris Zook and Darrell Rigby take on every manager's worst-case scenario.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
The Core of Strategy
The most successful companies know how to ignore distractions and build market power based on their core business. So write expert strategists Chris Zook and James Allen in this excerpt from their new book, Profit from the Core: Growth Strategy in an Era of Turbulence.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
The Golden Road
Small and medium-sized enterprises need not veer away from strategic planning. With a strategic plan, you can map your way to growth.
Publication: CGA Magazine
The Role of the Board in Corporate Strategy
Strategic planning, according to a recent survey of CEOs, ranks high in importance but low in terms of board effectiveness. HBS professor Robert Stobaugh talks about a new report on the subject and about what CEOs and their boards can do.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
The Strategy-Focused Organization
In the ten years since it was introduced, Robert Kaplan's and David Norton's Balanced Scorecard has become not just a measurement tool but a means of putting strategy at the center of a company's key management processes and systems.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
What Really Drives Your Strategy?
Why do so many companies veer off their strategic plan? Look for a disconnect between corporate strategy and how resources are allocated, say Harvard Business School's Joseph L. Bower and Clark G. Gilbert.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
Your Company Strategy -- in Pictures
Preparing a company strategy can bury you in data. Make it easier by drawing a strategy picture, advises this excerpt from Harvard Business Review. Here's how Southwest Airlines found "The Big Picture."
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge

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