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Secrets of the Successful Businesswoman
What are the secrets of successful women in business? In separate keynote talks, Gail McGovern, a recent pick as one of Fortune magazine's fifty most powerful women in corporate America, and HBS professor Nancy F. Koehn laid out the facts.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
Seven Tenets For Building Credibility - Communicating Effectively in a New Era of Skepticism
In the face of the many infamous management failures of the last two years, executives today need to follow new rules in their communcations with staff, Wall Street and outsider to avoid a crisis of confidence that can sink themselves and their companies. Read insights on the seven tenets for enhancing the relevance, clarity and transparency of your corporate communications.
Publication: Babson Insight
Sharpening Your Business Acumen
A six-step guide for incorporating external trends into your internal strategies.
Publication: Strategy+Business
Simple, Yet Complex
A new management theory is gaining momentum in the business community. In this story you will learn why complexity theory encourages executives to: Discard the traditional command-and-control style of management; Develop relationships among their employees to ensure a creative and productive workforce; Maintain a strong vision for their companies yet manage with a hands-off approach.
Publication: CIO Enterprise Magazine
The Compelling Case For Telework
Manufacturers that offer telecommuting reap productivity gains, cost savings.
Publication: Industry Week
The Customer Comes Eighth
Does anyone still believe the customer comes first? In most companies, the customer weighs in far behind the core group of decision-makers that really runs the organization.
Publication: Across the Board
The Google Enigma
Should innovation-minded managers look at the fast-growing Internet company as a model — or an anomaly?
Publication: Strategy+Business
The next society
Tomorrow is closer than you think. Peter Drucker* explains how it will differ from today, and what needs to be done to prepare for it.
Publication: The Economist
The Parable of the Bungled Baggage And the Unhappy Customer
Sometimes a seemingly harmless corporate decision such as a budget trim can lead to big problems elsewhere. HBS professor W. Earl Sasser tells what happens when budget constraints and customers collide.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
The Perfect Fit: Internet Strategies in the Apparel Industry
The mid-1990s marked a major turning point for apparel companies confronted with the new retail landscape created by the Internet. Forced to devise Internet strategies almost immediately, some companies plunged into Web site development, while others discovered that existing distribution methods hindered their ability to respond to the e-commerce opportunity. New research shows that differences in organizational form can account for the speed with which firms in the apparel industry have adapted to the Internet and the success some of the firms have experienced.
Publication: Capital Ideas
The Realist’s Guide to Moral Purpose
Four ideals of leadership that appeal to our deepest instincts — and can inspire a company to long-term success.
Publication: Strategy+Business
The Subtle Power of Virtual Collaboration
By using a whole battery of new technologies, companies have found ways for their people to work together on essential tasks while essentially staying put. Sure, the savings can be dramatic. But before you abandon direct interpersonal interaction altogether, you need to ask yourself some fundamental questions.
Publication: Accenture Outlook Online
Too Busy Chopping Trees to Sharpen the Ax? Mind the Perils of Organizational Growth
You've managed to overcome the early problems of survival, but now how do you build the business? Many firms face the same challenges. Prof. Donnellon provides insights and solutions on key problems like: 1. Finding experienced people, 2. Affording the people you want, 3. How to effectively organize your people, and 4. preserving an effective culture.
Publication: Babson Insight
Value from Values: Introducing the Concept of Value Leadership
Companies battle to create competitively superior value for the “best” employees, customers, investors, and communities. A closer look at 1,500 companies measured according to Value Leadership criteria suggests there is a clear connection between a company’s ability to create value in its relationships and the relative rate of return which that company delivers to its investors. Learn more about the seven management principals that create superior returns through Value Leadership.
Publication: Babson Insight
When Bad Ideas Won't Die
Why do smart companies put so much energy into doomed products? University of Paris-based Isabelle Royer tackles this thorny issue in this excerpt from Harvard Business Review. By profiling two French companies' experiences with failed projects, Royer gets at some surprising answers: Belief and faith triumph over reason.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
Where Morals and Profits Meet: The Corporate Value Shift
Although recent headlines focus on business boondoggles, HBS professor Lynn S. Paine's research shows a rising standard of corporate performance that includes moral and financial dimensions. In an interview, she details this trend and her new book, Value Shift.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
Who's Next?
Learn from the experts how to do succession planning well.
Publication: HR Magazine
Why Responsiveness to Retail Promotions Varies Across Retailers: New Research Looks Beyond Price Cuts
For years, retailers have relied on three types of retail promotional tools to sell their products: temporary price cuts, feature advertisements, and in-store displays. Under what retail conditions are these tools most effective for increasing sales?
Publication: Capital Ideas
Windfall Economics
When an unexpected success falls into your lap, do you know how to handle it? Harry Potter publisher Bloomsbury offers a few lessons.
Publication: Across the Board
Workplace Safety's Ergonomic Twist
As standards percolate in the states, HR's involvement will increase.
Publication: HR Magazine
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