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Precious Resources
Technology is already reshaping the human-resources function, mostly through cost-cutting. Some say it can do more.
Publication: CFO.com
Putting HR in Rotation
Both formal and informal rotation programs can help you develop new business tools and take them out for a spin.
Publication: HR Magazine
Rules for (Hitting) the Road
Tailor your firm's relocation policy for your company's needs.
Publication: HR Magazine
Space: Another HR Frontier
There's a consensus that HR professionals need to start attacking office design issues.
Publication: HR Magazine
Strategizing for HR
Measurable goals and results can lead to respect and rewards from the front office.
Publication: HR Magazine
Talent Management: A Critical Part of Every Leader's Job
Many CEOs are naturally inclined - and responsible for - overseeing the day-to-day operations of their respective firms. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but in the years ahead, one of a company's major competitive advantages will be its ability to attract, develop, excite and retain talent. Responsibility for managing that talent is already being assumed by some CEOs, who, these co-authors and McKinsey consultants say, are fast coming to the realization that their respective organizations are going to have to improve their talent management practices. In this article, which is based on their recently published book, The War for Talent, the co-authors survey the state of talent management as practiced by 13,000 managers. While becoming a talent manager is imperative, it will require a fundamental shift in how a CEO sees his or her job and a significant time commitment, tasks that the authors describe in the article.
Publication: Ivey Business Journal
Tapping a Silver Mine
Working beyond the 'normal' retirement age is becoming the rule rather than the exception.
Publication: HR Magazine
The Metrics Maze
Little by little, experts and practitioners are learning how to value the contributions of people.
Publication: HR Magazine
Throwing the Switch
Challenging the boss is a daunting but necessary role for HR executives.
Publication: HR Magazine
Tough Issues
From employee pornography online to inconvenient vegetarianism, did these companies do the right thing?
Publication: Across the Board
Understaffed and Overworked: What Now?
When resources are scarce, you need a plan for managing your career, your team, and even your boss. Here's what works: balance, focus, and effective communication.
Publication: Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge
What’s Your HR Creed?
A good HR mission statement is tied to the corporate vision, has buy-in and is true to the HR department.
Publication: HR Magazine
Workplaces Fail to Support Parents of Teens
programs for parents of teens can help employees stay focused and productive.
Publication: HR Magazine
You Have to Make Them Love Their Jobs
It takes special skills to manage today's highly skilled professionals. They need encouragement and inspiration more than simple direction.
Publication: BusinessWeek
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