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10 Ways to Boost Innovation
Tips for leaders wanting to boost innovation in their organisations, from author and speaker Paul Sloane.
Publication: Director Magazine - UK
A Little Help From Their Friends
Executives are finding that some of the best new ideas can be developed through partnerships with organizations outside their companies. But to achieve real value, they need to create innovation channels appropriate to their own companies’ needs and manage the process holistically by using their overall innovation strategy.
Publication: Accenture Outlook Online
Assessing Your Organization's Innovation Capabilities
The reasons why innovation often seems to be so difficult for established firms is that they employ highly capable people and then set them to work within processes and values that weren't designed to facilitate success with the task at hand. Ensuring that capable people are ensconced in capable organizations is a major management responsibility in an age such as ours, when the ability to cope with accelerating change has become so critical.
Publication: Leader to Leader
Building an Innovation Engine
Service companies don't have the option of standing still, but change brings plenty of risk. Here are some tips on minimizing it
Publication: BusinessWeek
Finding Your Company's Great Thinkers
If you get a little creative, you'll uncover the inventive minds that are already in your midst. Just give them a chance to show themselves
Publication: BusinessWeek
Implementation: There's More to Innovation Than Great Ideas
Managers can not only make innovation work, they are the only ones who really can make it work. Instead of accentuating their limitations and looking to or hoping that someone else will implement their ideas, managers need look only to themselves.
Publication: Ivey Business Journal
Innovating for Growth: Now IS the Time
Now might seem an odd time to talk about growth. Some signs are promising, but corporate planning is complicated by unknowns involving economic prospects, capital markets, geopolitics, terrorism and pandemics. Shouldn’t we be hunkering down and just trying to survive? In a word, these authors say “No.”
Publication: Ivey Business Journal
Innovation Agility
The most versatile product development programs focus on essentials.
Publication: Strategy+Business
Innovation and the Economics of Good Enough
In a down economy, having a better idea doesn't guarantee success. Technological innovators must be prepared to clear much higher hurdles to prevail.
Publication: Accenture Outlook Online
Innovation Means Relying on Everyone's Creativity
Today we live in an era of such rapid change and evolution that leaders must work constantly to develop the capacity for continuous change and frequent adaptation, while ensuring that identity and values remain constant. They must recognize people's innate capacity to adapt and create -- to innovate.
Publication: Leader to Leader
Innovation: Survival of the Fittest
Commentary by Charles Leadbeater, author and independent consultant
The best way for large organizations to work through the dilemmas posed by innovation is to borrow from the most powerful innovative force in the world: biological evolution.
Publication: Accenture Outlook Online
Innovation: The New Route to New Wealth
Truly new wealth: revenues from new customers buying products or services that yesterday they didn't know they needed and today can't live without.
Publication: Leader to Leader
Intrapreneurship at work
Championing projects to push innovation in your company.
Publication: CMA Management
It Takes Systems, Not Serendipity: A Blueprint for Building a Disruptive-Innovation Engine
Management in established companies may lack the zeal and fervour of their counterparts in start-ups. But by embracing disruptive innovation, managers in incumbents can make even near-behemoths as nimble and fertile as any venture-capital backed start-up.
Publication: Ivey Business Journal
Research and Development in the 21st Century: Web-enabled Innovation Comes of Age
Web-enabled research and development processes offer an extraordinary opportunity to streamline the often difficult handoff between research results and market-ready products.
Publication: Accenture Outlook Online
The Art of Work
High-end knowledge workers are a lot like artists: They crave autonomy, resist routine and embrace risk. But that doesn’t mean that companies can’t do anything to improve their performance. Here are five principles for enhancing the innovation and creativity of this critical group of employees.
Publication: Accenture Outlook Online
The DNA of Cultures that Promote Product Innovation
Transparency and trust may be the ideal attributes of the well-governed corporation, but they also play a critical role in organizational behaviour, specifically in determining whether or not an organization’s culture will facilitate – or impede – innovation. Just how do some managers and organizations prevent the formation of a culture that supports innovation? And, what can they do to change their behaviour? These authors have some key suggestions.
Publication: Ivey Business Journal
The Innovation Sandbox
To create an impossibly low-cost, high-quality new business model, start by cultivating constraints.
Publication: Strategy+Business
The Practice of Ideas: Identifying, Advocating and Making It Happen
New ideas are the lifeblood of competitive advantage, but how do successful people find new ideas and move them to fruition. Where do they search? Once found, how do they package an idea for acceptance? And lastly, how do they advocate and turn the idea into action?
Publication: Babson Insight
Why Ideas Matter
In tough economic times its always easy for a company to hunker down and avoid all risks such as new innovative ideas. Do new ideas in business really matter? Is there an identifiable link between new ideas and company performance? If ideas really do matter, is the current economic draught the result of or lengthened by a lack of the next wave of innovative ideas? Regardless of your opinion new ideas are always popping up in your business and you'll want to be prepared to insure that only the best move forward.
Publication: Babson Insight

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