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Anyone who is owed money for any reason, such as the sale of an item on credit or the loan of funds.
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critical path
The sequence of dependent activities (i.e., each activity cannot be completed until the chronologically prior one has been completed) in a project work plan that has the longest completion time of all activity sequences in the plan. It is called a critical path since, because it is the longest sequence of required tasks, if any of the tasks in the sequence falls behind schedule, the entire project will fall behind schedule.
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Customer Relationship Management
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See: customer relationship management


Moving goods directly from an incoming truck or rail car to an outgoing truck or rail car, thereby eliminating the need to store those goods in a warehouse. This serves two purposes: It shortens the time it takes for goods to get to their final destination; and it reduces the amount of warehouse space that is required, thereby reducing the associated warehousing costs.

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Training employees to do a number of jobs in order to improve workplace flexibility.

For example, if employees are cross-trained in jobs other than the ones they normally do, when conditions change to make those other jobs more valuable to the company or when demands of their normal jobs decline while the demands on the people doing the other jobs increase, employees can quickly switch jobs temporarily or permanently as required. Cross-training also provides a way to easily fill in for vacation, maternity, paternity or other leaves of absence.

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Continuous Replenishment Program

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See: continuous replenishment program

Corporate Social Responsibility
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See: corporate social responsibility


Chief Technology Officer

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See: chief technology officer

currency risk

When a company conducts business — make sales, buy goods and/or services, borrows money and/or lends money — in multiple currencies, there is a risk that the exchange rate between the currency that the business is conducted in and the company's home currency will change between the time the deal is done and the time money changes hands. In the absence of an agreement to adjust the contracted amounts in order to compensate for this exchange rate variance, a company may be negatively impacted by the change. This risk is the currency risk.

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See: operational risk, credit risk, market risk

current asset
Cash or another asset (such as sales inventory and accounts receivable) that will likely be converted into cash in the near-term (usually within the year).
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See: asset

current liabilities
All debts due for payment within one year.
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See: liability

curriculum vitae

Generally abbreviated as CV, a curriculum vitae is a brief summary of a person's education and work experience and achievements. Individuals usually prepare CVs to send to prospective employers when applying for a job. The term CV is generally synonymous with the term "résumé", however the term CV is used almost exclusively when talking about an application for an academic position, wereas the term résumé is more commonly used in other business hiring situations, however the two terms are often used interchangeably.

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See: curriculum vitae


Curriculum Vitae.

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See: curriculum vitae

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