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Environmental Impact Report

electronic data interchange
The exchange of information--documents, transactions, etc.--between supply chain partners (suppliers, purchasing organizations, distributors, shipping companies, etc.) using a published set of communications protocols and data formats. Commonly abbreviated as EDI.
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Europe, Middle East & Africa. When creating geographically defined divisions to manage their operations, EMEA is one of the divisions that international companies commonly set up along with North America, South America (often grouped as "The Americas") and Asia/Pacific. Of course, individual companies are free to define their geographically aligned divisions in any way that best suits their requirements.
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employee assistance program
A defined collection of services paid for by employers to support the mental health of employees. Abbreviated as EAP. Problems that typically fall within the purview of an EAP include addictions and undue stress related to marital, job and other issues. EAP services are typically contracted from a firm that focuses on psychology and/or psychiatric services and may, but not necessarily, be dedicated exclusively to providing EAP services.
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See: employee assistance program

employee orientation
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See: induction

employee stock ownership plan
A benefit plan that allows employees to purchase stock in the company, typically at some discount to the market price and without any stock brokerage fees charged on the purchase. Often abbreviated as ESOP.
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Employer Identification Number

Typically abbreviated as EIN, it is a unique identifier assigned by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service to every tax-paying entity — companies and self-employed individuals — in the United States if they have paid employees (possibly just themselves in the case of self-employed individuals). A company may have multiple EINs or a single EIN may cover multiple locations of the same company.

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Giving employees more control over their work goals, tasks and environment, within the limits of their organizational responsibilities.
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enterprise resource planning
The definition of enterprise resource planning (normally abbreviated as ERP) should be obvious. It is not. It should mean the planning required to make the most profitable use of resources within the enteprise. However, ERP is usually used in the context of computer software and refers to software that integrates (or tries to integrate) functions across all departments in an enterprise. The objective of ERP is to eliminate the "islands of information" that make the alternative, independent applications that serve the needs of each department, cumbersome and difficult to integrate when departments need to share information and work together.
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entry barrier
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See: barrier to entry


economic order quantity

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See: economic order quantity

Earnings Per Share
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See: earnings per share


The ownership interest in a company.

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equity theory
A theory that postulates that people's motivation is determined by how fairly they perceive they are being treated relative to the treatment of others.
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Enterprise Resource Planning
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See: enterprise resource planning

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