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Just In Time
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See: just in time

job sharing

Two or more employees work part-time to, in total, do the equivalent of one full-time job.

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job shop
A business that produces goods to fill individual orders rather than to fill inventory that is then shipped out as orders come in. Job shops may produce highly customized goods. They often serve the business-to-business market, but there may be instances, such as builder of custom-made furniture, where they sell directly to consumers.
Contributed by: Managerwise Staff
See: business-to-business

joint venture
An organization created by a formal agreement between two or more parties for the purpose of achieving a specific business purpose. Profits and expenses are shared in some predefined proportions among the parties involved.
Contributed by: ManagerWise Staff

just in time
A manufacturing management technique that attempts to eliminate excessive inventories, bottlenecks by ensuring that materials arrive at each point in the production process only when they are needed.
Contributed by: ManagerWise Staff

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