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activity based costing
A method of cost analysis that assigns overhead costs to specific activities that are performed in order to more accurately attribute costs to products.
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See: overhead cost


accidental death and dismemberment

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See: accidental death and dismemberment

An attachment or exhibit included at the end of a document.
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An organizational structure that avoids bureaucratic decision-making and control by spreading decision-making processes throughout the organization and assigning authority to the experts best able to make each decision. The theory is that an adhocracy does a better job of solving problems that arise and taking advantage of unexpected opportunities—and to do so more rapidly—than a company that has a traditional organizational structure in which people typically do things "by the book" and because "that's the way we've always done them."

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Alternative Dispute Resolution
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See: alternative dispute resolution

advanced shipping notice

A document that a supplier/shipper sends via electronic data interchange (EDI) notifying the recipient that a shipment has been sent or is about to be sent. Abbreviated as ASN. The ASN will contain a variety of information including the contents of the shipment, how it is being sent, descriptions of the products, etc.

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See: electronic data interchange

affirmative action
A hiring policy, the intent of which is to address a past hiring injustice. This generally involves giving preferential hiring treatment to a particular racial or ethnic groups or a gender until the that/those group(s) is/are more fairly represented in the organization's workforce relative to the population as a whole.
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Anyone who is authorized to act on behalf of another person or corporation.
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aging receivables
Sorting the list of items that make up the accounts receivables account (amounts due from customers) according to how long the invoice has been outstanding. This makes it easy to see which invoices are past due and may require action to demand payment.
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alternative dispute resolution
The use of mediation or arbitration to settle a dispute between two parties without resourting to the courts. Abbreviated as ADR.
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Accounting for capital items using regular deductions over a period of time. Also, paying off debt in regular installments.
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angel financing
Financing for a private company that is obtained from wealthy individual investors, as opposed to from institutions or the open market. Angel funding is usually (but not necessarily) used in the start-up of a company, rather than for a later stage of the company's growth.
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The use of a third-party (the arbitrator) to settle a dispute. Arbitration can be binding or non-binding. In the case of binding arbitration, the parties to the dispute agree in advance to accept the decision of the arbitrator regardless of whether that decision favors the other party. Arbitration is an alternative to settling disputes in court and is usually less expensive than taking a dispute to court. Contracts can specify that any disputes that arise will be settled through arbitration. In the absence of such a clause, the parties may mutually agree to enter into binding or non-binding arbitration rather than go to court when a dispute arises. Disputes may still end up in court if the arbitrator is unable to reach a decision or, in the case of non-binding arbitration, if one or more parties to the dispute refuse to accept the arbitrator's decision.
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articles of incorporation

A legal document filed with the proper authorities in the jurisdiction in which a corporation is domiciled. The articles of incorporation defines the purpose of incorporation, its location (the official head office location) and any bylaws governing the corporation. Also referred to as a corporate charter.

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Advanced Shipping Notice

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See: advanced shipping notice

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