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An abbreviation for optimal order quantity, which in turn is a synonym for economic order quantity.

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See: economic order quantity


Quality Assurance

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Quality Control

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Quality Information System

quality of work life
A wide range of tactics and techniques that are employed with the objective of improving employee's job satisfaction and happiness on the job. Often abbreviated as QWL.
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quick ratio
A measure of a firm's liquidity. It may be used by a prospective creditor as one (possibly of many) tests of whether a firm is in adequate financial health to take on additional debt.

Quick Ratio = current assets (except inventory) / current liabilities.

Also referred to as the "acid test ratio" or "current ratio".
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A corporation's bylaws or the laws of the land may require that:

  • A certain percentage of the voting shares of a company be represented either in person or by proxy at a shareholders' meeting for a vote at the meeting to be considered valid and/or
  • A certain number of directors must be present at a board of directors meeting for the meeting to be considered legally constituted.

If those restrictions are in place, the numbers of shareholders or directors required to be present/represented is the "quorum".

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Quality of Work Life
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See: quality of work life

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