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gross national product
Abbreviated GNP, the gross national product is a measure of the performance of an entire economy, calculated as the total value of all the goods and services produced in an economy, plus the value of the goods and services imported, less the goods and services exported.
gross rent
Rent including taxes and operating expenses.
Contributed by: ManagerWise Staff
See: net rent

group dynamics
The way people interact with each other in a group, including, but not exclusively, the quality of those interactions.
Contributed by: Managerwise Staff

A phenomenon that is common in business teams in which loyalty to the team and a strong desire for group cohesiveness leads members of the group to adopt a common set of ideas and opinions that are reached unconsciously, possibly as a result of an informal consensus process, but also possibly through the adoption of a dominant individual's viewpoint. Groupthink may (but not necessarily) lead to the adoption of assumptions and conclusions that are untrue and/or are detrimental to the team and/or to the broader organization.
Contributed by: Managerwise Staff

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