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Contributed by: ManagerWise Staff

Contributed by: ManagerWise Staff

back office
A company's administrative staff who do not deal directly with customers.
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When the term is used in regard to employee compensation, a company that practices back-loading accrues higher pension benefits in an employee's pension account during the later years of employment than during the early years. This is designed to reward an employee's loyalty to the company and thereby increase employ retention.

backdoor listing

Obtaining the benefits of a listing on a stock exchange not by obtaining a listing directly but rather by merging with or taking over a company that already has one.

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backward integration

Acquiring companies that had been suppliers to the acquiring company.

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See: forward integration, vertical integration

backward scheduling
Developing a schedule by starting with the due date and working backward to determine when each step must be started and finished in order to meet the deadline. This is the reverse of forward scheduling.
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See: forward scheduling

bad debt
Money owed by another individual or company that cannot be collected for any reason.
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balance sheet
A financial statements that provides total dollar amounts for assets, liabilities and owners' equity.
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balanced scorecard
A methodology for measuring an organization's success in achieving its stated strategic goals. The approach includes a number of types of data in its measurement, including financial results, internal operating data, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction and retention.
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balloon payment
A final loan payment, as specified in the loan agreement, that is larger than the normal payments for a loan that is payed back installments.
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Business Activity Monitoring

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See: business activity monitoring


An individuals or companies are bankrupt when their liabilities exceed its assets (or the are unable to pay their debts for other reasons)  and a creditor goes to court to demand payment of a debt.

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See: asset, liability

barrier to entry
A condition that makes it difficult for competitors to enter a market. Examples include very high start-up costs, patents, technical complexity, large costs for customers to switch from one supplier to another and so on.
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A measurement of the efficiency and/or effectiveness of current policies and/or practices that is used as a basis of comparison to evaluate the success of changes to those policies and/or practices and/or to analyze trends over time. The value measured can be anything that the organization considers to provide a relevant assessment of success, such as revenue, profit, labor productivity, etc.
Contributed by: Managerwise Staff
See: productivity

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