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input/output — a computer term referring to the data that goes into and comes out of a system.

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income from continuing operations
Profit from areas of the business that have not been closed. If, for example, a corporation shuts down a subsidiary in the middle of the year, the profit that the closed subsidiary generated during the portion of the year that it was open is excluded. This number is useful as it gives an indication of the profit potential of the firm in future years.
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See: profit

income statement
A financial statement that compares revenues to costs to determine the income of the company.
independent demand

Demand from outside customers for an item that is to be used as an end-product in and of itself, i.e. not to be used as a component in another item.

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See: dependent demand

indirect labor
Those employees that provide support to manufacture of the company's products, but are not directly involved in the manufacturing process. This would include, for example, maintenance, loading dock and other support staff.
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See: direct labor


The processes that welcome new employees to the organization, teach them the organization's lay-of-the land, policies and practices and attempt to inculcate the company's values.

Also referred to as "employee orientation" or just "orientation".

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information technology
A broad term that includes all products and services related to automating the acquisition, storage, processing, retrieval and analysis of information. Commonly abbreviated as IT.
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Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences. Web site:

insider trading
Buying or selling stocks based on information not available to the general public but gained as an employee, director or owner of a company, or provided by such an insider. In the U.S. and elsewhere, insider trading is illegal.
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Total liabilities are greater than total assets.
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See: asset, liability

integrative thinking
The consideration of a broader and deeper range of factors and possible solutions and examination of connections accross disciplines when problem solving or seeking new opportunities.
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intellectual property

An asset that is the product of brain rather than brawn. Examples include patents, trademarks and copyrighted material.

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internal rate of return

The interest rate that, if it were used in a net present value (NPV) calculation for all future cash flows associated with a project, would result in an NPV of zero.

Usually abbreviated as IRR.

The IRR estimate can be valuable when trying to select among a number of possible projects as the one with the highest IRR will produce the greatest value for the company (after considering the time value of money).

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See: net present value

International Standards Organization
A worldwide federation of organizations of standards-setting bodies. Abbreviated as ISO.
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intial public offering
The first sale of stock by a company to the general public. Abbreviated as IPO.
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