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How to Do My Management Essay for College?

Despite common stereotype that management skills are required only by CEOs or leaders, everyone regardless of the position he or she holds needs it. You can be an economist, a technologist, a lawyer, a designer, a banker, but, first of all, you are a manager. It means that you’re the organizer and inspirer of all the activities both within the company and in its relations with the external environment. Therefore, such management concepts as planning, organizing and coordinating are crucial. On paper, management skills are simple, so students are likely to think they may confine to books when mastering management concepts involved. In fact, they require lots of practice outside the classroom. Networking, goal-setting, and employee recognition are manager’s soft skills necessary to achieve the goals of the organization and reach high-profit margins.

Writing a management paper is a typical task used to assess the performance of students. However, contrary to other essays and tests, they are aimed at determining whether students are familiar with practical skills and key concepts within their college or university course. Management essays call for much more than simply memorizing facts and definitions. They require intellectual perseverance and critical thinking. Such task strives for revealing how much students grasped and whether they are ready to apply learned skills when dealing with management issues in practice. Unlike a number of college tests that assess capability to understand what the professor is asking for and use the standard tools to answer, management essays go much further. They seek to test not only application skills but also the ability of students to practically apply the theoretical information. That is why handling management paper may turn to be difficult to craft for those who are used to book-like answers and straightforward questions. Memorization is really important during the entire learning process; however, when it comes to management essays, deep comprehension of the subject and critical thinking are much more essential.

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Structure of management essay

Many students tend to make the same typical mistake. Thinking that a management essay has a free writing style, they believe that it also does not have any particular structure. Nevertheless, a clear plan and well thought out structure are the distinctive features of the essay and prerequisite for a good grade. Management essays have a standard format and contain an introduction stating the question under discussion; the main body with supporting arguments and examples; and, finally, a conclusion restating the main thesis. Structuring management essay is a quite simple task that is to be strictly followed every time. Otherwise, your essay will look incomplete, and you are likely to get a poor grade or be asked to rewrite the paper.

Here is a brief example of a typical management essay structure that can be useful for students:


  • Start with the question under discussion
  • Provide background information on the issue
  • Clearly identify your position with the main statement

Main Body

  • First argument
  1. Presentation of the argument
  2. Example/statement/supporting argument
  • Second argument
  1. Presentation of the argument
  2. Example/statement/supporting argument
  • Third argument
  1. Presentation of the argument
  2. Example/statement/supporting argument
  • Fourth argument
  1. Presentation of the argument
  2. Example/statement/supporting argument


  • Restate the main thesis
  • Summarize the key argumentative statements


Useful tips from experts


The way you start your essay with one or several paragraphs is very important. The finely written introduction will help not only to interest the reader, but also to set the tone for the entire text. The introductory part usually contains stating of the issue, its essence, quotation, rhetorical question, etc. It is crucial to create a special attitude and lead the reader to the problem at hand. The ideal introductory part of the essay meets three criteria. It should be close to the topic under discussion, logical and concise. This is an introduction that clearly identifies your position with the main statement that will be traced further throughout the entire essay. Therefore, this part should be logically related to all other paragraphs. You do not need a long introduction – one or two paragraphs will be quite enough.

Body Paragraphs

The body of the essay is a relatively detailed statement of your own opinion regarding the issue in question. The main part requires the most attention, especially when drawing up a plan. It may have a different structure: firstly, you discuss the argument and then either describe the statement, provide the supporting argument or add an example. Keep in mind the importance of laying out the text consistent, brief and relevant. You may use transition words or phrases, however, try to limit their quantity in the text. Similar to other types of essays, paragraphs of the management essays usually consist of five or six sentences, whereas the number of body paragraphs depends on the topic. It is advisable that each paragraph of the essay contains only one main idea.


The conclusion should summarize the key statements provided in the body of the essay. The reader is to come to a logical opinion considering the arguments and examples given. Finally, the issue under discussion is repeated, and the final conclusions are made. Whereas the purpose of the introduction is to attract the reader’s attention, the main idea of the last sentences is to summarize essay’s overall picture and to give the reader a thought over a certain management question.


Don’t Forget about Proofreading!

Once your paper is ready, let it rest a little – the next day you will take a fresh look at it and probably find some things to rewrite. You may also show it to your friends and family to identify some misconceptions. Moreover, the final version of your essay should be carefully checked for grammar, punctuation and sentence structure errors. Otherwise, submitting the paper will inevitably lead to a poor grade. It is important to read (check and correct) the text only once, without thinking for a long time and without delving into idealism. Countless corrections will have the opposite effect and come at the expense of the content quality. The purpose of the proofreading is to correct typos and remove repetitions by replacing them with synonymous words. The text should remain easy-to-read and relevant to the question.


What If I Need Additional Help on My Management Essay?

Obviously, setting your ideas down on paper isn’t as simple as ABC. In case you still cannot cope with crafting a paper you need so badly – whether because the writer’s block, or lack of time, or lack of knowledge, etc. – you might need to look for help with a request I need an essay written for me. One of simplest solutions to the issue could be getting assistance by a professional writer. Nowadays, there are lots of credible writing services ready to help you out and provide an essay by highly qualified author within the shortest timeframe. By applying to a reputable service with your management assignment, you will have more room for your day`s to-do list without having to worry about your approaching deadline. All that you need to do is to choose a trustworthy agency to place an order and get the ball rolling.

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