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Short Guide to Fostering Good Employees via Having Good Managers

Needless to say, a bad manager is a big problem for any company. When such person cannot deliver the expected results, the company suffers. But what if the results are in place, and yet executives get feedback that a manager is bad? What might be the problem?

Where Do Good Managers Come from?

The answer is – soft skills. If a manager can meet the company’s expectations in terms of numbers but cannot manage subordinates and colleagues, he still is a bad boss. The reason behind this judgment is that due to his or her style of management and communication, employees quit. That is, they don’t leave an organization as such, they break away from their supervisor. And this is the real problem that can bring a company a lot of harm.

How to ensure good employees stay with you? Through having good managers with great soft skills. But where do good managers come from? Well, first you thoroughly select them, and then you carefully grow them via training!

In our humble opinion, being a manager and managing people is not an easy task from the very start. Some employees are really hard to work with; others always want more rewards and less work. And a manager has to bring the team to a common standard while finding an individual approach to each subordinate. Yet, if an organization can find, keep, and train good managers, it will eventually win in terms of productivity.

In training, the focus should be kept on people management skills. It seems obvious but is rarely done so. In the vast majority of cases, development and education programs for managers deal with the technical perspective of the job. But if a manager has an ironfisted (if not tyrannical) approach to commanding people, his professional skills will soon have no significance as many good workers would simply leave for a better place. On the other hand, when people management skills are well developed and wisely applied, the team will only grow stronger and more efficient.

Even the Small Things Matter

One of the things you should keep in mind when thinking about the features of a good manager is that sometimes he or she can put the needs of team members before their own. It doesn’t have to something huge like working instead of an employee on holiday. But bringing or simply ordering a delivery of some appetizing meal to the office to surprise a worker is a good idea.

Rest assured, it will be a direct hit. One such small act of altruism will show your employees that you really care and demonstrate your leadership qualities. The point is, there is an obvious lack of leaders among managers nowadays. To help organizations foster good managers, which can be leaders, we’ve gathered these simple hints:

  • Managers should be aware of what company executives expect from them.
  • Run a 360-degree evaluation to find out how employees assess their supervisors.
  • It might be a good idea to make managers responsible not only for direct team results but also for the retention of workers.
  • Arrange training for managers where they will be told about recognition and reward techniques. Perhaps, even your HR can handle this task.
  • Managers must have all the necessary tools to perform their duties.
  • Implement employees exit interviews and use them to figure out the real reasons behind their decision to leave the company. It’s a shame if you are still not doing it.
  • Send managers to attend leadership courses.
  • Enforce a bonus system for managers that will take into consideration the productivity rate and the positive employees retention.
  • Run internal surveys to assess the climate inside the company not less than two times a year.